Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gear Swap

I think I'll just put it right out there, and hope my wife doesn't read my blog. I've way too much shiznat. Way ... way too much. Three 905s, two 904s, two 906s. I fish one of each. Reels ... extra there too. Nets. Waders. Boots. Lines. So much stuff.

So here's the deal. I'll list some of the gear with which I'm willing to part. If any of you see anything you like then write with trade suggestions. I'm not necessarily looking to sell anything (I suppose I would if prompted), but I'm always looking for new toys.

What specifically am I looking for? A canoe would be nice. Switch rod or a spey rod maybe. Orvis CFOs. Maybe a little 6' or 6'6" two weight. Firearms. Just about anything will be considered. Don't be bashful, and don't be afraid to simply list your items as I have. I may not be interested, but someone else might.


Winston WT 904-3, used twice
Orvis T3 905-2 mid-flex, "Rodkilla" (my nickname when I worked at the shop) penned on the shaft
Orvis Zero Gravity 906-4 mid-flex


Redington ML 9/10 (perfect 8# reel) loaded with an older but hardly used 8# Orvis Wonderline


Orvis, Rio, Cortland ... Some brand new. Some used once or twice. Floating and sinking. Don't be afraid to ask as I very well may have the line for which you're looking.


Brodin Catch and Release style (I think it was called the Madison or Gallatin model) used extensively but solid and perfectly functional.

More to come ... I need to actually look in the closets. If you would like to contact me I may be reached at

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