Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I won't go into the details as it just isn't necessary. If you're reading this then you've probably been the unhappy, frustrated or angry recipient of someone's bad manners, and while you weren't on the river with me this past weekend, you already know what happened. I won't burden you with the minutae, but I do have a question.

When did fishermen, fly flingers and bait chuckers alike, stop teaching their sons about stream-side etiquette? I ask as I didn't get the memo. And yes, I am speaking specifically about men and their sons. I've never encountered a lady along the banks of a river or stream who didn't practice both common sense and basic etiquette. As such, I'm left wondering how high one's testosterone level must be to completely abandon all sense of common courtesy and decorum.

Does anyone know? When did the piscatorial professors stop assigning the chapters on thoughtfulness and tact?

I make this promise now, before my readers and all mighty God that if my son is ever discourteous to other anglers, the offensive behavior will not be the result of a lack of tutelage.

Rant over ... BKill out ...


FoulHooked said...

seems to be a societal problem; everywhere you look, people are discourteous or just plain buffoonish. why should it be any different on the river? though i admit that certain rivers have more than their fair share of buffoonary, and perhaps it's all the more frustrating to experience it on what you had hoped to be a peaceful stream outing.

Shaq said...

You went to the Salmon?

BKill said...

You would think I was on an Ontario trib, but we were actually fishing a river much closer to home ... you know the one.