Monday, April 5, 2010

Lesser Loved Fish

It's spring in New York, and my heart has turned to thoughts of trout. Trout that are lean from weeks under winter ice, and that haven't seen a fly for months. Sadly, my favorite trout streams are at least forty-five minutes away, and distance, time, and the demands of fatherhood often conspire to keep me away from my favorite haunts. At these times I turn to the lesser loved fish, which are so much closer to home.

The local smallmouth fishing is outstanding. They're plentiful, average two or three pounds, and in the words of Chuck Palahniuk's character Tyler Durden, "they fight 'till they're burger." So today - if I'm lucky - I'll find myself casting a six inch streamer on a 200 grain sinking-line, in the hopes of hooking up with a few bronzebacks. Lesser loved, but loved nonetheless. 

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FoulHooked said...

Can't complain about that