Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Look Into the Mirror

So ... two days ago I hit one of my favorite carp/bass spots. I caught a bunch of fish, including my first mirror carp. What an odd looking fish. Fun though ...

Sadly, when I returned home I made the mistake of leaving my DSLR, video camera, and fishing bag in the car. There they remained throughout the day yesterday, and last night they were stolen. I'm just glad the thieves didn't bother to look in the trunk. They would have found three bamboo rods, and several graphite sticks.

I've lived in this neighborhood most of my life. No one locks the doors of their homes let alone the doors of their cars. I'm sad, disappointed, and furiously angry.

And that leaves only one more thing to say.

If you should look into the mirror, and see a thief looking back at you - a thief with my camera and a picture of the only mirror carp I've ever caught in my life - well ... then ...

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