Friday, April 22, 2011

The River Giveth ... And Taketh Away

The rain decided to hold off for one more day, and I just couldn't resist a chance to hit the river before it swells again. The clarity was perfect for running streamers, even if the water was just a little high and cold. I managed one out-sized brown, that absolutely whalloped my bugger just as the fly hit the end of its swing. Sadly, I somehow managed to snap the tip of my switch rod ... again. If I was asked to guess what happened then I would say that I bent the tip at too severe an angle as I landed the fish. Stupid move on my part (one of many in a series). So it goes ... poo-tee-weet.

I think the net gives the photo a little depth, and makes for an interesting effect.
Next time I need to remember the polarizing filter.

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The Anglersflybox said...

Nice,I was also at the river and it was perfect for streamers !