Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mouse-ke-misery Revisited

As of Friday I'll be signing off for ten days or so. The triplets, Mama, and I will be on our way to Disney World. We made this trip just a couple years ago; we're making it again because the wife says it's time. I can't say that I echo the sentiment; once is enough for me. I might find the Magic Kingdom a little more magical if it was home to a run of summer steelhead.

Naturally, my girls are thrilled to be visiting Cinderella's castle, my boy wants to ride a pirate ship and dig for buried treasure, and my wife is excited to see the kids so excited. While I'm glad that my family is so looking forward to the trip, and I'm sure that I'll have a good time, I still have to say that I wish we were going to Yellowstone.

I wonder when the boss will say it's time for that trip to happen.

Here's to hoping I'm able to eke out one more trip to the river before I leave, and that there's some willing bass in that freaking rat's lake once we're there.


Nushranger said...

Have a great trip, you're a brave man going there in August. Keep earning that fishing capital. Fishing capital must be used very wisely and always keep some in the bank.

Shaq said...

Call the Back Country in Vero Beach. Ask for Eric. I took him out all night for snook while family was a Disney. Best trip ever! Meet at 10pm fish until 6 back to the fam to rest in the lazy river at splash mountain!