Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Benjamin Bronze Studios

Ben Jose is one of my closest friends and fishing partners. He's a die-hard dry fly angler, intrepid steelhead junkie, and generally devoted to all things concerning the long rod. When he's not casting a tight loop over seventy or eighty feet of river, he's usually casting bronze in the foundry of Benjamin Bronze Studios.

In all of his pursuits, Ben's focus on excellence borders on obsession. Case in point, he learned to tie simple flies and double haul just days after learning the basic overhand cast. Once he experienced fly fishing, he was in full tilt. Such is the case with the art work he produces in the foundry he shares with the owner of Hudson Studios (a consortium of ridiculously talented artists and craftsmen). 

Ben recently branched out, allowed his passions for the long rod and metal-work to fuse, and began producing custom bronze work for the fly fisher and fly tyer. Most recently, he crafted a medallion for Pat Cohen of R U Superfly fame. The two-dimensional logo of Pat's fly-tying business has been carefully reproduced in three dimensions of solid bronze. The medallion mounts to Pat's vise, and was on display during The Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, New Jersey.

Anyone who frequents or follows my blog knows that I am not one to write product endorsements. In fact, Ben's bronze work is the first product I've highlighted on The Rusty Spinner. My reasons for lifting the blackout are twofold. First, Ben is a friend, and I would like to see him be successful. Second, Ben does fine work, extraordinary work actually. While a medallion would be a fine addition to anyone's vise, Ben can make nearly any idea come to life. Perhaps a base for that vise? Bronze caps for rod tubes? If you can think it, then he can make it happen.

Contact Ben Jose of Benjamin Bronze Studios at (518) 653-9192 or via email at benjaminbronzestudios@fastmail.fm ...

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