Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Day Out

We had a chance to float the river, and for a change the weather played its part. It was a beautiful day, even if the river was just a touch on the high side. The fish didn't come easily, but they came often enough to make things interesting.

You should see the frustration and terror on a bug chucker's face when one of these things begins to lose air and sink ... funny, at least when it's an easy fix.
Best fish of the day came in at just over 20" and crushed - of all things - a foam wiggle minnow.
So ... I originally wanted to spend the day chasing warmwater fish ... I have to admit this isn't a bad substitute.
Hard not to love the way the light was hitting the adipose.
A mixed bag just to keep things interesting.
Fly of the day - if we're calling it a fly - no one has ever accused me of being a purist.

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