Monday, June 18, 2012

A Belated Happy Father's Day

Sorry it's late, but I was too busy enjoying the weekend to bother with the blog. I hope all the dads out there - especially those who wade my small part of the piscatorial cyber funk - enjoyed the day as I did. Happy Father's Day all ...

The girls had a two day dance recital to attend (I was there for day one). I took my boy fishing on day two.
Notice the tip of my boy's rod dragging along the rocks ... this is why we buy Ugly Stiks for five year-olds
His first smallmouth ... he was so proud to be holding it properly.
This is why I love my wife ... she encourages me go fish the evening spinner fall (after having fished all day with my boy), and to bring some good beer with me to drink riverside.

What's old is new. Both the rod (a Fenwick FF86) and the reel (J.W. Young Beaudex) are older than I am. This was their first trip to the river since we were introduced.
I managed a pair of respectable rainbows as darkness fell, but my partner in salmonic crime managed this nice 19-inch brownie just as the lights went out.

I like watching them swim away almost as much as I like watching them come in.

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