Monday, July 2, 2012

New World Record Brown Trout

Brown trout caught in Milwaukee harbor recognized as world record

A 38-inch brown trout caught by Eric Haataja in the Milwaukee harbor has been certified as a world record in the all tackle length division by the International Game Fish Association.

Jack Vitek, IGFA record coordinator, said Haataja’s application had been approved and would be posted to the organization’s website Tuesday.

Haataja, a fishing guide from West Allis, caught the fish Dec. 16, 2011.

After measuring and photographing the fish, Haataja released it. The records are officially entered in metric units – Haataja’s catch measured 97 centimeters.

The all tackle length division was created two years ago by the IGFA as a catch-and-release category. Anglers are required to photograph the fish on top of an IGFA tape measure.

*** The remainder of the article and a photograph of the beast may be found here ***

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