Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Salmon

I've come to love the Salmon River. Really, I have. It's grown on me, but such was not always the case.

The first time I fished the river's runs and pools, I lost every fish I hooked over the course of two days, and finished the second day by spewing vomit along the highway (a long story). But the memory of that God-awful introduction has faded, and most days I find myself eagerly anticipating my next trip to Altmar and Pulaski.

Yes. The river can be crazy at times. Hoards of people - some not so friendly, most not so courteous - descend on Pulaski every September, and they generally remain until mid October. By early November the crowds thin, and the river becomes much more user friendly. In the interim, however, we bug chuckers need to be flexible and go where the fisherman are not - even if we find fewer fish wherever that may be.

This is easier done than the river's reputation might lead intrepid bug chuckers to believe, but more on this later. Today ... just a few photos of our most recent trip.  God help me, but I love the Salmon.


First chromer of the year ... let's hope the first of many.


Robin Hill said...

Many of us who frequent those waters have a love hate relationship with all that is the SR.

BKill said...

Indeed. At one point in the day I was swinging a big #2 spey. A huge king trampled the fly and a few minutes later bent the hook straight ... just awesome. As I fought the fish, two other anglers moved into the run I was fishing ... not so awesome. Ughhhh.