Thursday, July 8, 2010

An Invitation

Words don't always come easily for me, and time has a way of preventing me from writing as often as I would like. Sometimes, it's hard for me to keep this blog fresh, timely, and up-to-date. As such, I am offering an invitation to anyone who happens to stop by here from time to time (this means you Adam ... Ben ... Shawn ... et al).

Please submit your writing to be posted on this blog. Your posts need not be particularly philosophical or verbose. Perhaps you would only like to submit a photo or a video. Perhaps you've some news that might be of interest to fly flingers in your area. Perhaps you only send a link to a news article. Whatever the case may be, send it my way. If I think it's appropriate, I'll post it here, and give you full credit for the update.

My only caveats are these:
  • I maintain complete editorial control of the material posted on this blog.
  • I am the sole determiner of the content posted here.
So ... please consider sending something along. I do the best I can with The Rusty Spinner, but I know it can be better with your input.

I can be contacted via Please include "Rusty Spinner" in the subject line.

Thanks ....

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