Monday, July 26, 2010

Too Hawt Fer Trawt

I can't be absolutely sure, but it seems as if someone has been holding an enormous magnifying glass over the entire northeastern United States, and watching bug chuckers squirm like so many toasted ants. Trout streams are disappearing at an alarming rate, and bubbling hot tubs are taking their place. We've had some rain, but not enough to make a difference. It's simply much too hot to catch and release cold water fish; every area trout is undoubtedly stressed near death. I wholly expect a fish kill this year; we've had kills in cooler years. Not good ... not good.

There is, however, something of a bright side for a New York fly flinger going through bug chucking withdrawl. The bass fishing has been absolutely superb. I had forgotten just how much fun chasing smallmouth and largemouth can be. When a sixteen incher goes broadside in the current, and nearly doubles over a 10' 7# steelhead rod ... well ... you know why they're called game fish. Good times ... good times.

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