Friday, September 30, 2011

R U Super Fly?

In fly fishing and fly tying circles, there are certain folks whose names have become synonymous with the quiet sport. These talented men and women have contributed to our piscatorial passions in such a way as to impact nearly every bug chucker who followed after them.

Lee Wulff, Carrie Stevens, Gary LaFontaine ... I could go on ad infinitum, and I'd be willing to bet you would know most every name I mention. In my time, I've been fortunate to meet some of the folks that continue to contribute to the lexicon of our sport. Of these, I've become friends with a select few. One such person is a young man whose emergence as a fly tyer of note has been nothing short of volcanic.

Pat Cohen and I have corresponded for well over a year. We've even had the good fortune to fish together on one of my favorite rivers. As you may know, Pat's work with deer hair is nothing short of extraordinary; he has an exceptional eye for color and proportion. What is most inspiring - or perhaps a better word may be, humbling - about Pat's work is the simple fact that he has only been tying for a short while.

Pat first picked up a bobbin just over two years ago, and already his work has been showcased on various bug chucking blogs (including my own), in the pages of fly fishing and tying magazines, and at The Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, New Jersey.

Most recently, Pat has taken his tying commercial. Some of Pat's most popular flies are now available through his website, R U SuperFly. Rest assured that while each of Pat's creations is suitable for framing, they're intended - each and every pattern listed - to be fished and fished hard. I've cast one of his deer hair mice for nearly an entire season, and the fly looks almost as good now as it did on the day he shared it with me.

Please take some time to check out SuperFly's site, and know that if you've a few dollars to spare they would be well spent on any of Cohen's bugs.

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Mike said...

SuperFly is great. Thanks for the tip.