Thursday, November 3, 2011

Like Father Like Son

Shawn Brillon is one of several talented product developers who work to bring the Orvis company's ever expanding line of fly fishing goods to market. Perhaps more to the point, he is among my closest friends. Like any man who is both a father and a fly fisherman, Shawn does what he can to impart his love of the sport to his boy. More often than not, this means that Shawn and Riley tool around the lake in Dad's drift boat, looking for midging trout or post spawn bass. At least once a year, however, Riley and his father make the trip to the Salmon River in hopes of finding some chromed up steelhead. This year R.J. showed his old man how to get the job done. 

I had to use an old photo of old man Brillon as this year the river gods took a shine to young RJ.

Like father like son.
Hang on there kid.
Makes me wonder why I wasted my adolescence on girls.
Must have been one hell of a day. Well done RJ.


Bill Trussell said...

What better way to spend time with your son. My son is grown now and gone and out on his own. We seldom get to fish together anymore, but when we do it is cherished time. Thanks for sharing this post. I am joining up with blog to read more great post from you. thanks for shaing. If you are interested in joining my group my link is

Mike said...

Early to rise, early to bed. Great for you and your son. Glad to see you spending all that time with him. When he is older than you he will still remember it like it was yesterday. Way to go.