Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pornography ... Courtesy of the River Gods

Not too long ago, the boys and I took three days to fish New York's, Salmon River. The trip was exceptional for many reasons, not the least of which was the fishing.

To say we did well might be a bit of an understatement. We caught more fish than the river gods had likely allotted us, but we worked hard to put them in the net. No two fish took the same fly. Some wanted eggs, others took nymphs, and a few slammed the hell out of half chicken skins, swung through the seams.  

As with all things pornographic ... we begin with a bald man ...

Like Cyclops - the defacto leader of the X-Men - should Shawn remove his glasses, a beam of light will burst forth from his eyes and destroy everything in its path ... this brown was one of the lucky ones.
Not sure why ... but looking at that photo of Shawn, I am reminded of Ming the Merciless - a little Flash Gordon flashback for ya' right there.
Ever wonder what they're thinking when they stare at you like that? Bet if they had legs, they'd kick you in the ...

Catching them is great, but watching them swim away is especially gratifying.
Anybody play guitar? Is that a G chord Ben is plucking on this fish?
Even the small fish can spool you in an instant.
Hard to say how many fish we hooked in this run ... more than two, less than 100.
It's an amazing fishery that provides an environment for fish like this ... clean, strong, fast ... and abundant.
Hard not to finish the day with a grin like that ...


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Shaq said...

One of my favorite runs. Glad you had a good time