Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March? Really?

Managed to get out for a short scouting expedition ... word has it that carp and pike are starting their spring movements, and we wanted to see what - if anything - was moving in our neck of the woods. There were fish everywhere, like nothing I've ever seen this early in the year. Carp, bass, suckers, and God only knows what else were porpoising wherever we stopped to look at the water. There weren't any pike sunning themselves in the river's back bays (at least not yet), but I've no doubt the fish will move in soon.

Love this sign for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that it kind of sums up the last fifteen years of my life.

This should be a bumper sticker.

Today's bycatch ... we were aiming for carp when a couple of these guys decided they needed our buggers more than any other fish in the river


Pat Cohen (smalliestalker) said...

yeah man!!!!!!!!it's on brother....

BKill said...

Hope so ... so many fish on the move. I cannot imagine I'll live to see it again.