Sunday, March 25, 2012

They Keep Getting in the Way

I am sad to say that any chance I might have had to zip a carp - before the end of March and prior to the official start of New York's trout season - has likely come and very quickly gone. The fish haven't cooperated just yet, and the weather is set to remind us all that March is still Mother Nature's idea of a winter month.

We did manage to hit the river again today, but only for an hour or so and very late in the evening. Every fifth or sixth time our flies hit the water, hungry bass would pounce all over them. This would be tremendous if it were June and bass were our targets, but they were not. We were targeting something bigger and slimier, with lips that are much more ... rubbery.

So it goes ... poo tee weet.


Jody White said...

You poor thing.

BKill said...

Not complaining ... but it is odd that in March I've caught almost as many smallmouth bass as I have steelhead.

Passinthru Outdoors said...

That is a nice looking smallie. Congrats. Bummer about no carp though. Crazy spring so far.