Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's That Time of Year

It's that time of year. Fall and winter fishing is right around the corner, and my thoughts have officially turned from brown to silver as carp give way to steelhead. As has been the case since YouTube first came online, I've begun my annual ritual of surfing favorite chromed-out videos. Below are a few that are either courtesy of yours truly or friends and acquaintances. Please note that they're all videos shot on the Great Lakes. Most of the stuff coming out of the left coast looks far too professionally done to be featured here. Fishing the big lakes is about grit ... west coast vids are pretty ... not gritty.

First up is my attempt at putting together a montage from last season. It doesn't really rate when compared to the other videos on this list, but it has a great soundtrack. Rockabilly and fly fishing go hand in hand.

Next is a video brought to us by the boys who maintain The Angler's Net blog and the annual Spey Nation event. I'm looking forward to the new stuff ... 

Some eye candy from the guys at Orvis, including my partner in petty crime, Shawn Brillon. Shawn is bearded, beautiful, and routinely loses far more fish than he catches - or so the video would have us believe.

This next one was the first I made of the boys and I on the Salmon River, and it stands as a testament to the average steelheader's idiocy.